How to organize BBQ grilling using smokers?


Forget about burnt ribs or blackened pork! Preparing your favorite dishes has never been easier - the device gives you full control over the process. In return, you get tender and juicy meat, vegetables, and fish. They are also efficient and energy-saving. Find out how to organize BBQ grilling using smokers.

Why is having a smoker something you should consider?

It's an essential commercial kitchen equipment that has been widely used in restaurants throughout the world. Now you can cook in your own backyard. Why should you consider buying a smoker? First of all, they are extremely functional. You can easily prepare not only your favorite meat, but also fish, vegetables, or even cheese. They are perfect for cooking the best pork and pulled beef, sausages, and poultry. Additionally, they are super easy to use. You can keep an eye on the temperature and control it freely, just like the smoking time that can take even a few hours of continuous work. This longer, slower, and gentler method of preparing food makes meat, fish, or veggies super tender and simply delicious. Lastly, you can use the device for cold smoking and grilling with smoke in the barbecue style.

How to grill using a smoker?

How to organize BBQ grilling using smokers? Start with picking the right chips. When it comes to selecting the best wood for smoking, you can choose from deciduous trees such as oak, birch, alder, or beech. Remember that each wood has unique flavor characteristics that can enhance the flavor of your smoked food. For delicate meats you can try fruity wood - they have the lightest flavors. Apple and cherry are the most commonly used fruit woods, but there are also plum and maple chips. In order to get the best tasting meat, apply dry or wet rub and let the meat marinate in the refrigerator overnight! Remember to place the chips in the electric smoker. Don't forget to set the temperature and add more chips when the smoke time exceeds 7-8 hours.