Pellets or wooden smoking chips - which one to choose?


Once you make a switch from a traditional grill to a smoker you will never go back! There are so many new things to try and explore - you can create both simple and elaborate dishes with a delicious taste and exquisite smell. In order to prepare appetizing meals, you have to opt for the best ingredients, such as meat, fish, cheese, or vegetables, and choose the best fuel. It’s actually the fuel that makes the most difference when it comes to that deep and smoky flavor of a barbecue. It can be hard to decide what kind of wood you want to use for smoking. Are you wondering which is better - pellets or wooden smoking chips? It all depends on what devices you use.

What are pellets?

They are made from hardwood that has been finely ground into little pieces, and then compressed and glued into pellets. They are made from flavor-enhancing hardwoods and are often recommended as a fuel source for smokers. They burn very slowly, much slower than wooden chips, enhancing the flavor of the food throughout the whole process and can be used for grills. When looking for the right pellets you should consider only the ones which don’t have additives that can affect the taste of the food.

What are wood chips?

They are pieces of hardwood without bark that have been processed through a woodchipper. Specially sifted through sieves so that each piece of wood is the same size. Unlike pellets, wooden smoking chips are not compressed. They do not contain additives. Wood Chips is clean wood for smoking. They are similar to spices. Depending on the tree from which they were obtained, they offer different colors and aromas. The smoke from the smoldered wood penetrates into the product, giving it amazing flavor. Wooden chips are available in multiple types. For example, you can order alder, beech, oak, and even cherry, apple, plum, or maple chips that are dust-free and clean.