What is a smoke generator and how does it work during smoking?


If you're just starting your adventure with smoking food and want to improve the whole process, or you want to upgrade your smoker, then you should consider getting smoke generator. Borniak's smoke generator is "a heart of a Borniak's smoker", but it can be efficient addition for other smokers by generating smoke slowly and evenly. Using it does not require any special skills. You can achieve great smoking results with minimal effort. Basically, it all comes down to placing wood chips in the container and pushing a button!

What is a smoke generator?

We think it is a key of successfully food smoking. It has a huge influence on the smoking results, as it ensures a smooth and even operation of the device. There's no fire involved - the smoke is achieved through the smouldering of the chips. It's made from either Aluzinc sheets or stainless steel, depending on the right model. It has a reservoir which is big enough to fit enough chips to produce up to 8 hours of smoke. When it comes to the design, there are also air holes that are responsible for regulating the amount of air that is supplied to the chamber. The heating element has been especially contracted in such a way that smouldering wood chips brings the best flavour in the smoked food. There's no blackened meat or hazardous substances!

How does a smoke generator work during smoking?

You fill the smoke generator's reservoir right to the top. You can easily cover it's top with a lid. Smoke generator is designed in such a way that once the device is switched on, the feeder rotates and transport the wooden chips on the heater. The chips start smouldering once they are in the heater zone. Then the smouldering wooden chips are pushed through it and finally fall into the bowl with water.

One device filled with chips allows for up to 8 hours of smoke generating. It means that you can easily smoke food without the need of constant add chips during the process. The only thing you must remember about is empty the bowl with burned wooden chips when it's full. Once you're done, disconnect the power supply. Then, simply remove the build-up on the feeder-spring with a scraper, plier or some other tool. Remember that the wood chips must be dry. Adding wet chips will generate smoke which will have hazardous substances.