Borniak Smoker TableBorniak Smoker Table

Borniak Smoker Table

Borniak Smoker Table - a versatile tool that will enhance your culinary experiences. This multifunctional table is designed to meet all your needs when using the smoker and preparing delicious smoked dishes. The Borniak Smoker Table is a functional addition to the smoking set, compatible with both Borniak 70 and 150 smokers. Its spacious drawer will accommodate all smoking accessories, grates, trays, and much more, ensuring order. The lower shelf increases storage space or allows for the attachment of the cold smoking attachment.

Borniak wheelsBorniak wheels

Borniak wheels

Borniak wheels are an excellent addition to the smoker, significantly facilitating the movement and maneuvering of the equipment. The set of four rubber wheels with a diameter of 50 mm allows for smooth displacement of the smoker without the need for significant effort. With these wheels, you can easily prepare your favorite dishes anywhere, enjoying the convenience of use. Borniak wheels are specially designed to increase the mobility and versatility of your smoker. If you are looking for a practical solution to easily change the location of the smoker, these wheels are an essential addition.

Cold Smoke AdapterCold Smoke Adapter

Cold Smoke Adapter

Discover the secrets of cold smoking with the cold smoking attachment made of polished stainless steel. This attachment opens the door to intense aromas and unique flavors, elevating your culinary experience to a higher level. This user-friendly device creates perfect conditions for smoking delicacies. The attachment connects to the smoke generator, ensuring optimal conditions and control over the process while maintaining a temperature 1-2°C higher than atmospheric. The flexible installation through a spiral tube, 2-3 meters in length, provides freedom in configuration, allowing for smoking delicate fish, cheeses, and delicious hams. Warning: The set does not include the attachment connector.

GrillEye MAX - Borniak EditionGrillEye MAX - Borniak Edition

GrillEye MAX - Borniak Edition

GrillEye® Max is the first instant, ultra-precise smart grill or smoker thermometer that notifies you when your food is ready, wherever you are. Enjoy ±0.1°C / 0.18°F accuracy in as little as 2 seconds and prepare the best food for your loved ones!

Meat claws B-ClawsMeat claws B-Claws

Meat claws B-Claws

Shredding and preparing meat has never been easier than with the B-Claws Meat Shredder. These versatile claws, made from high-quality and durable materials, are designed for long-lasting use. Comfortable handles ensure ease of use, helping effortlessly shred meats such as chicken, turkey, pork, and more. With them, you can easily transfer hot roasts, skillet dishes, and grill items. The claws also excel in cutting melons, using the prongs for grip during slicing. Our claws make an excellent gift for culinary enthusiasts.

Borniak Accessories - Perfecting the Art of Smoking!

We provide a comprehensive range of smoking accessories that enhance the flavor of dishes and perfect the art of smoking. Our Smoker Dehydrator simplifies the meat drying process, and the precise wireless thermometer ensures temperature control, guaranteeing tasty and consistent results. Additionally, if you're interested in cold smoking, Borniak offers a Cold Smoking Adapter and Attachment Connector, allowing you to refine this technique while maintaining ideal temperature conditions.