Smoking wood chips

Borniak - wooden chips for smokers

Wood chips resemble spices in that their suitability varies depending on the tree species they originate from—certain types are better for fish, others for pork, and yet others for poultry. The smoke emanating from these smoldering chips infuses the food, imparting a distinct color and aroma characteristic of the wood utilized.

The real enjoyment comes from experimenting with different chip blends to craft unique recipes.

However, it's crucial to ensure the wood chips you use are completely natural, devoid of any chemical additives, dust, or impurities. Borniak wood chips stand out for their cleanliness and dust-free quality, producing a pure, smoke-free experience.

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Beech chipsBeech chips

Beech smoking chips

Beechwood chips give dishes a golden-brown color and a delicate, light smoky flavor. They are versatile, work great for smoking fish, pork, as well as cheeses. Their subtle aroma does not overpower the natural taste of smoked products.

Beech chipsBeech chips

Alder smoking chips

Alder smoking chips are distinguished by a light brown hue and a mild, slightly sweet aroma. They are perfect for any dish, especially for smoking salmon and other types of fish. They add a distinctive, delicate flavor to dishes that highlights their freshness.

Beech chipsBeech chips

Oak smoking chips

Oak chips are a classic among smoking enthusiasts. They give meats a deep, rich flavor with a hint of bitterness and a beautiful, dark color. They are excellent for smoking red meats, game, and beef, adding a noble character to them.

Beech chipsBeech chips

Birch smoking chips

Birch chips are valued for their delicate and fresh aroma with a hint of sweetness. They are perfect for smoking poultry and fish, especially trout. Their mild flavor accentuates the natural taste qualities of smoked dishes.

Beech chipsBeech chips

Maple smoking chips

Maple chips are characterized by a sweet, delicate flavor with a hint of caramel. They are excellent for smoking pork, especially ham and bacon, adding depth of flavor and a beautiful, golden-brown appearance.

Beech chipsBeech chips

Hickory smoking chips

Hickory chips are renowned for their intense, strongly smoky flavor with a noticeable nutty note. They are ideal for smoking beef and pork, especially for creating classic American BBQ. They give dishes a deep, distinctive taste and dark brown color.

Beech chipsBeech chips

Apple smoking chips

Apple chips are an excellent choice for those seeking a delicate, slightly sweet, and fruity aroma. They work great for smoking poultry and pork, giving dishes a subtle, refreshing taste.

Beech chipsBeech chips

Plum smoking chips

Plum chips offer a unique, fruity flavor with a subtle sweetness. They are ideal for smoking white meats, such as chicken or duck. They not only add depth of flavor to dishes but also a beautiful, golden color.

Beech chipsBeech chips

Cherry smoking chips

Cherry smoking chips are distinguished by their unique, sweet-sour aroma. They pair excellently with pork and poultry, giving dishes an extraordinary taste and an appetizing, golden-brown color.

Nature's Secret in Perfect Smoking Chips

Borniak smoking chips, certified by HACCP, guarantee the highest quality during aromatic and flavorful smoking. A carefully thought-out production process ensures that our chips are dried to a moisture content not exceeding 13%. Thanks to a precise technological process, the chips are also thoroughly dedusted, ensuring that only those elements crucial for smokehouse smoke are released during the combustion process.

What are Smoking Chips?

The process of preparing meats and sausages on your own requires the use of the appropriate fuel material. Anyone who has had the chance to smoke anything can attest to how important this choice is. The smoking chips we offer are nothing other than crushed wood. Small pieces, typically ranging in size from 2 to 4 millimeters, are perfectly suited for a home smokehouse. Smoking chips are produced from carefully selected wood. Each type provides slightly different effects, making it worthwhile to delve into our descriptions to tailor the product to your needs.

What is the Consumption of Chips in a Smokehouse?

A smoke generator with a capacity of 2 liters allows for continuous smoke production for up to 8 hours, eliminating the need for frequent refilling. Thanks to the automated combustion process, you gain valuable time that you can spend on relaxation and rest.

Package Capacity Approximate Smoking Time
2 L 8 hours
10 L 40 hours
50 L 200 hours

What to choose? A guide to flavors:

Smoking wood chips Pork Beef Fish Poultry Sea food Cheese Ham Vegetables
Beech Beech Pork Beef Fish Poultry Seafood Cheese Ham Vegetables
Alder Alder Pork   Fish Poultry Seafood Cheese Ham Vegetables
Oak Oak Pork Beef Fish         Vegetables
Birch Birch Pork   Fish Poultry   Cheese Ham Vegetables
Hickory Hickory Pork Beef Fish Poultry Seafood Cheese   Vegetables
Maple Maple Pork   Fish Poultry   Cheese Ham Vegetables
Apple Apple Pork Beef   Poultry   Cheese Ham Vegetables
Plum Plum Pork Beef Fish Poultry Seafood Cheese Ham  
Cherry Cherry Pork Beef Fish Poultry Seafood   Ham Vegetables