Smoker equipment

Basic equipment and additional sets


Basic equipment

What you’ll get with smoker

We compose the sets of sets so that the smoking adventure could be started immediately after unpacking and installing the device.

SmokerSmoker (chamber)1 szt
Control panelControl panel
1 szt
Smoke GeneratorSmoke Generator1 szt
Smoking chips 2LSmoking chips 2L5 szt
Smoking sticksSmoking sticks3 szt
Drip trayDrip tray1 szt
Adjustable feetAdjustable feet4 szt
Water bowlWater bowl2 szt
Carrying handlesCarrying handles2 szt
Door handleDoor handle1 szt
Chimney with damperChimney with damper1 szt
Smoke generator lidSmoke generator lid1 szt
Top Drip trayTop Drip tray1 szt
GrateGrate1 szt
Double hookDouble hook5 szt
S hookS hook5 szt
Power cordPower cord2 szt
Power cord GDPower cord GD (*Digital)1 szt
BBQ bowlBBQ bowl (*BBQ)1 szt

* BBQ – only with BBQ Smoker: BB...

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Are you a beginner who wants to start the journey of smoking meat? If yes, then you should take a look at our basic smoker equipment. It's an essential kit which consists of such components as a lid, a smoke generator, a power cord, a grate, and a chimney with a damper. We also offer an array of accessories like smoking chips or a water bowl, just to name a few.

Essential smoker equipment - smoke your own fish, food, and meat

Here in Borniak we are experts in BBQ and food smoking. We made sure that you can start cooking almost immediately after unpacking and installing the device. Our accessories will give you endless cooking configurations, when it comes to indoor and outdoor smoking. Our products have earned an enviable reputation for quality, versatility and innovation - the devices can be used by both professional chefs and amateur cooks. Our range of smoker equipment is designed especially for food smoking and will help you take your cooking to a higher level.

Smoker equipment - handy accessories for your device

A typical set of Borniak smoker equipment, apart from the device itself, consists of a variety of components, like sticks, drip trays, a grate and hooks, adjustable feet, handles or a power cord just to name a few. Apart from these our sets also come with a smoke generator lid. It seats well and can be easily and safely removed to refill or check on the wooden chips. See what exactly you get with your device and in case of any questions simply contact us for more information.