American style Barbecue

BBQ Smokers

a unique series of devices bringing the world of smoking and BBQ to a new level.

Exceptional Smokers for American barbeque lovers, thanks to the new, improved insulation and greater heating power (double heater), allow for higher temperatures inside the chamber.

We consider smoky Barbecue grill as a kind of revolution – everyone should try it!


Smoker sizes

BBQ Smoker 70

Barbecue always and everywhere


The loading chamber of the smoker has a capacity of 70L. It holds up to 10kg of meat or up to 8kg of sausage. The walls of the chamber are equipped with mounting bracket, thanks to which we get the possibility of smoking on 6 shelves at the same time.

BBQ Smoker 150

The best tool for every Pitmaster


The loading chamber of the smokehouse has a capacity of 150L. It holds up to 20kg of meat or up to 16kg of sausage. The walls of the chamber are equipped with mounting bracket, thanks to which we get the possibility of smoking on 7 shelves at the same time.


When designing the smokehouse, we assumed that the chamber will have as few thermal bridges as possible. The walls are insulated with a special injection molding foam. This is one of our innovative solutions. Such a chamber is characterized by maximum tightness and economy. In addition, no condensation forms on its walls that can spoil the smoked meat.

In addition, the door received a new gasket. The interior of the device is made of stainless steel having an approved food contact.


Outside surface

Stainless steel brushed - Resistant to weather conditions


Inside surface

Stainless steel - Easy to clean

Information about smokers

Characteristics of our products

Ease of use and efficiency

… that’s how you can describe our smokers. This is the best way to get the most exquisite cheeses, fish and sausages on your table. Products with a captivating aroma and unique taste. No chemistry, no preservatives.

Smoke producing

The whole process of producing smoke comes down to the single push of a button – all thanks to the smoke generator of our production. The generator works so that the chips are smoldering to produce smoke. As is well known, the proper burning of wood is what constitutes the success of smoking. And in this regard we were able to make a full automation. Burning takes place automatically – the wood from the tray is transported to the heater, where it gradually burns.

What should be emphasized?

No flame and corresponding temperature of burning wood – it makes products smoked in such conditions will not be blackened.

Smoker - Heater

Heater & heat sink

The device gets the temperature using a heater equipped with a heat sink, thanks to which the temperature distribution is very effective.

Smoker - Temperature


Smoker is equipped with a electronic regulator that allows obtaining the desired temperature inside the smoking chamber. Thanks to this, you can easily control it using the knob on the digital panel.

Smokers - Drip Tray

Drip Tray

A baffle with specially shaped openings separates the working space from the smoking space – so that fats and juices do not run down on heating elements or smoldering smoker’s wood.

Smokers - Top Drip Tray


Top drip tray protects the smoked meat from the sludge dripping from the chimney.

Smoker - Chimney

Adjusting smoke

The chimney has a damper that allows you to regulate the smoke density. Thanks to this, you will adjust the ideal smoking conditions to your recipe.

Smoker - Hinges


Decent strong hinges give comfort in using the door.

Smoker - Magnetic Closure

Magnetic closure

The chamber door has a magnetic closure, additionally insulated with a gasket. These solutions make the use of the device even more convenient and more effective.

Smokers - Adjustable feets

Adjustable feets

Adjustable feet with non-slip rubber

Smokers - Generator

Smoke generator

The entire process of producing smoke comes down to pressing a button.

Smoker - Cold Smoke

Cold Smoke

The cold smoking adapter allows you to smoke at low temperatures.

Smoker - Wheels


If your smoker does not have a permanent place or you need to move it quickly, this is a must-have accessory for your smokehouse.

Smoker - Accessories


Many other accessories that will be useful in using smokers.

Smoker equipment

Basic equipment and additional sets

How’s smoker equipped?

Check the basic composition of the smokehouse and additional sets dedicated to our devices.

Accessories and addons which can be interesting for you.

Smoke generator

The heart of Smoker

Whence comes the smoke?

The smoke generator has a decisive influence on the success of food smoking – it ensures even work when burning the wood chips.

Smoke is obtained by smoldering smoking chips.


Borniak Timer controller.

Now the computer is responsible for maintaining the temperature. Just set the temperature and it will be kept in the chamber all the time.

Control panel specially designed and developed for the Borniak smoker.

Temperature, as in the Simple version, computer is responsible for maintaining the temperature. Just set the temperature and it will be kept in the chamber all the time.

Timer, which the new controller is equipped with, allows us to set the time for a particular function, i.e. heating, generating smoke, drying. Using the device becomes even simpler.

Clock, now you will know exactly how long your food was in the smoke. Without setting the timer, the clock shows us the working time of a given function.


Borniak Simple controller.

Now the computer is responsible for maintaining the temperature. Just set the temperature and it will be kept in the chamber all the time.

How to buy our products

Through local distributor or online distribution stores.

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If you're into American-style barbecue, then you should definitely choose and try our BBQ Smokers. This smoky Barbecue grill will satisfy professional chefs and amateur cooks! Not only do they offer amazing results, but they are also extremely easy to use. You will get the most delicious and exquisite meat, cheese, and fish within one push of a button. The woodchips of your choice will be slowly and evenly burning which affects the smoking and the quality of the finished food. This model has new and improved insulation and greater heating power. Because of that, the inside of the chamber can reach even higher temperatures!

Borniak BBQ Smoker - American-style barbecue at your fingertips

Our devices are available in two sizes. You can either choose a BBQ Smoker 70 or 150. The smaller, 70L one has two times less capacity than the 150L one. Hence it can store up to 10 kg of meat or 8 kg of sausage, whereas the bigger one holds up to 20 kg of meat and 16 kg of sausage. Each one has been especially insulated to not cause condensation which has a detrimental effect on food and can spoil the smoked meat. Additionally, the inside surface is made of stainless steel which is easy to clean and safe for food. The outside surface is made of stainless steel with a brushed finish, a high-quality material which is resistant to weather conditions. Learn more about our BBQ Smoker 150 and 70 and their characteristics such as the heater and heat sink, temperature, drip tray, safety, smoke generator and accessories.