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Wooden chips

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Chips are like spices – depending on the species of tree from which they were obtained, some are more suitable for fish, some for pork, and others for poultry. The smoke from the smoldered wood chips penetrates into the product, giving it the color and aroma proper for the wood used.

The greatest fun involves mixing various chips and composing your own recipes.

However, you must be sure that the burning chips are completely natural – free of chemical additives, dust and any impurities. Borniak wood chips are dust-free and clean, they generate smoke-free smoke-free substances.

Just right for your needs, right?

Zrębki wędzrnicze Borniak

Types and features

Tree species and smoke

Zrębki olchowe
Alder chips

Used for smoking all types of meat and fish. They give a beautiful color, from dark golden to brown. Their unique aroma penetrates deep into the food.

Zrębki bukowe
Beech chips

Irreplaceable in the case of pork, fish and poultry. They provide me with a bright, golden color. The perfect solution for beginners.

Zrębki dębowe
Oak chips

Food smoked with their help is saturated with an intriguing aftertaste with a hint of bitter and caramel. Oak chips stain brown products.

Zrębki brzozowe
Birch chips

They color smoked meats for a beautiful, golden color and make them acquire a delicate, yet tempting aroma.

Species of fruit chip

Zrębki wędzarnicze - Czereśnia
Chips for smoking - Cherry

Wood chips for smoking from the cherry tree leave a rich, slightly sweet flavor bouquet and a fruity aroma. They add a slight bitterness and leave a dark brown color behind. Perfect for poultry.

Zrębki wędzarnicze - Jabłoń
Chips for smoking - Apple

They color the smoked meats a beautiful golden color and give them a delicate and tempting aroma. They are perfect for smoking fish, poultry and red meats.

Zrębki wędzarnicze - Śliwa
Chips for smoking - Plum

Plum wood gives the dishes a hint of sweetness and a slight fruity aroma - finally they create a shine on the surface of the smoked meats. They are perfect for sirloin, pork ribs and bacon.

Zrębki wędzarnicze - Klon
Chips for smoking - Maple

Maple gives the smoked meats a sweet taste and a golden yellow color. Perfect for beef and fish.

Smoke generator

The secret of proper burning

The secret of natural food smoking

Smoke generator has a decisive influence on the success of smoking – it ensures an even operation manifested in the uniform combustion of the supplied wood chips. Such conditions guarantee the best natural products – aromatic, rich in taste and eye-catching color.

They say that there is no smoke without a fire… we have a different opinion. Smoke chips that travel through spiral are not burned with a flame but by appropriate temperature, which allows to extract smoke from them – this ensure that food will not be blackened.

Full filling reservoir with chips allows you to smoked most products without adding chips during the process.

Generator Dymu - spalanie

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The key to making delicious food in a smoker is using the right wooden chips. Choose from different flavoured woods, like alder, beech, oak, birch or even cherry, apple, plum, and maple - the choice is yours! Borniak smoking chips are suitable for preparing different dishes and can be used for chicken, pork, fish, and beef or even veggies and cheese. They are clean, have no additives and will give you clean smoke every time.

Borniak - wooden chips for smokers

They are lightweight and small, easy to use, and quick to ignite and burn - in other words, they are perfect for professional chefs and amateur home cooks. All you have to do in order to use them is just soak them overnight, drain them and place them in your smoker when you are ready to cook! Smoked food is the hottest new trend. This is what makes the dishes aromatic as they infuse the meat as it cooks. Closing the cover allows them to even better penetrate the meat. Take a look at our selection of quality smoking chips, learn more about them from the individual descriptions and pick the ones which best suit your needs!