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Pitmasters Pride

Pitmasters Pride Spice

Pitmasters Pride is a formidable combination of classic blend of BBQ spices with a hint of herbs. Spice is ideally suited to steak, moreover, will surprise you with the diversity of accents taste – not without reason was the best rated in the “blind test”.

Magic Dust

Magic Dust Spice

Our grill “allrounder” is a real taste sensation. We based the recipe on the American version of Mike Mills. In the USA, “Magic Dust” is probably one of the best-known recipes for a seasoning mix ideal for grilling.

Fish Hunter

Fish Hunter Spice

The Fish Hunter spice is a simple way to prepare fish in a traditional way. We have created the brine for a unique taste. Using it you will smoke with ease trout, mackerel and many other fish. Effect? Gold, delicate and juicy fish.

IngredientsSpices (bell pepper, garlic, chilli, onion, mustard) table salt, cane sugar, herbs (oregano)
Average nutritional valueNutritional value / 100gr: energy value: 1105kJ / 252kcal, fat: 6.8g of which saturated fatty acids: 1.2g, carbohydrates: 42.3g of which sugars: 42.0g, protein: 6.2g, salt: 29, 6g
Dimensions (LxW)7 x 14 cm
Waga300 g
Pitmaster Pride
IngredientsSpices (bell pepper, garlic, cumin, pepper, mustard, celery), table salt, sugar
Average nutritional valueNutritional value / 100gr: energy value: 1105kJ / 264kcal, fat: 7.1 g of which saturated fatty acids: 0.9 g, carbohydrates: 39.4 g of which sugars: 34.4 g, protein: 10.1 g, salt: 23, 8
Dimensions (LxW)7 x 14 cm
Waga300 g
Magic Dust
IngredientsSucrose, dextrose, starch, maltodextrin, Nat. Flavors, table salt, spices, spice extracts
Average nutritional valueNutritional value / 100 gr: energy value: 1369 kJ / 27 kcal, fat: 0.4 g of which saturated fatty acids: 0.06 g, carbohydrates: 75.4 g of which sugars: 53.2 g, protein: 0.9 g, salt: 6.7 g
Dimensions (LxW)10 x 17 cm
Waga150 g
IngredientsSalt, garlic, onion, allspice, rosemary, carrot, parsnip, parsley, sugar
Average nutritional valueNutritional value / 100 gr: energy value: 360 kJ / 86 kcal, fat: 0.8 g of which saturated fatty acids: 0.2 g, carbohydrates: 15.6 g, including sugars: 15.1 g, protein: 2.3 g, salt: 65g
Dimensions (LxW)12 x 18 cm
Waga320 g

Meat claws

An extra pair… of claws

B-Claws BBQ claws

B-Claws are helpful when shreding and moving meat. They are great for situations where you rather not use your own hands, for example when the meat is hot, greasy or you just do not want to get your hands dirty.

It’s simple to use – just pierce both claws into food and shred it for ex. with a rotary movement, resting one claw on the other.

Claws are made of durable and temperature-resistant material. After use, you can easily wash them in the dishwasher.

Pazury B-Claws BBQ

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We know that seasoning can get tricky, even for professional chefs and pitmasters. Therefore, we've created Natural Borniak spices that make seasoning as easy as it can be. You can either choose a Pitmasters Pride, Magic Dust or Fish Hunter. Every seasoning has a pleasing and refreshing taste. Our blends are a carefully selected combination of herbs and spices which will enhance the taste of your dish, no matter whether it's a steak, a pork chop, chicken thighs or a cod or any other fish. Try Pitmasters Pride, Magic Dust, and Fish Hunter and see why natural Borniak spices are a must-have in every smoky kitchen!

Smoky kitchen - high-quality seasoning and meat claws

If you need a little help with shredding and moving meat, then you should get yourself an extra pair of claws! Our meat claws are great if the meat is hot or greasy, or you just don't want to touch it for any other reason. They are simple and easy to use smoky kitchen tools - all you have to do is dig in and use scratching and clawing motion to pull apart and shred the food.