Wooden or metal smokehouse? Which one is more economical?

Wooden or metal smokehouse? Which one is more economical?

Wooden or metal smokehouse? Which one is more economical?

Equipment made of alder and spruce wood

Wooden smokehouses, in their basic versions, are generally the most economical choice. The prices of such devices are lower than their metal counterparts unless we opt for a very advanced set. Their advantages also include the possibility of freely modifying the interior of the smokehouse and, of course, the character of the materials used. Alder or spruce wood gives the device a traditional and homely appearance, which is significant for many people.

Unfortunately, what is considered the biggest advantage of these products also has its drawbacks - also economically. Wooden structures require much more care than metal products. Opting for such a variant, we must be aware that, despite the lower price, wood is much more difficult to keep clean. It is very absorbent, sensitive to moisture and changing weather conditions, and the need for maintenance may involve additional expenses.

Metal smokehouses - more expensive but more convenient

In contrast to wooden devices, metal smokehouses have a much longer lifespan. This fact alone makes their purchase potentially more economical than wooden variants. However, due to the materials used, the price will be correspondingly higher. It's worth remembering that in the case of metal devices, we also pay for a solid and uniform structure, as well as additional elements such as a thermometer or control panel. Of course, maintenance is also necessary for them - usually, however, it does not take as much time as for a wooden smokehouse.

Which smokehouse to choose?

So, which option will be more economical? It all depends on the time we are willing to spend on maintaining the device. If the necessity of regularly impregnating and checking the condition of a wooden smokehouse does not bother us, let's choose that option. However, if we attach great importance to convenience, then despite the higher price, a metal device may be a better choice.

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