Spoga+Gafa June 16-18 2024 Cologne - Germany

Spoga+Gafa June 16-18 2024 Cologne - Germany

Spoga+Gafa June 16-18 2024 Cologne - Germany

Invitation to Spoga+Gafa 2024 Trade Fair in Cologne

We cordially invite you to one of the most significant events in the gardening and grilling industry – the Spoga+Gafa Trade Fair, taking place from June 16 to 18, 2024, in Cologne, Germany. This is a unique opportunity to see the latest trends and innovations in gardening as well as the world of grilling and smoking.

We are thrilled to announce that Borniak will have the honor to present itself there, showcasing our newest products along with our entire existing range. From classic smokers, through BBQ smokers, to accessories and smoking chips – all of this will be available for you to see and test at our outdoor booth.

But that's not all! We will have the pleasure of presenting live smoking and barbecue demonstrations. Our menu will be rich in various delicacies such as ribs, pulled pork, assorted snacks, and fish, including salmon, prepared right before the eyes of our guests.

Moreover, at our booth, the art of cooking will be presented by our best chefs: Markus Heusel – a food smoking professional, Gerard Da Deppo – a fish smoking expert, and Randy Mowers – a barbecue specialist. This is a unique opportunity to see culinary masters at work, creating their masterpieces live.

The Spoga+Gafa fair is not only an opportunity to get acquainted with the latest products but also a great chance to make new business contacts and exchange experiences with other gardening and grilling enthusiasts.

Do not miss this exceptional opportunity! See you in Cologne at the Spoga+Gafa 2024 Trade Fair. We look forward to welcoming you at our booth to celebrate together the passion for gardening and culinary arts.

We warmly invite you!

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