What to consider when choosing an electric smoker?

What to consider when choosing an electric smoker?

What to consider when choosing an electric smoker?

Do you dream of personally prepared dishes enriched with the unmistakable aroma of natural smoke? The decision to purchase an electric smoker is only half the success. There is a wide range of electrically powered models available on the market, which differ significantly in terms of specifications, capabilities, and purely practical values. Below, we provide guidance on what to pay attention to when visiting an online store.

Buying an electric smoker - everything you need to know 

Let's start with the absolute basics, namely the temperature range supported by the electric smoker. This parameter largely influences the choice of recipes you will be able to execute. Classic smoking cabinets offered by Borniak have a maximum temperature of 120 degrees - more than enough for smoking all types of meat, fish, cheeses, and vegetables. However, if you are a fan of American-style BBQ, it is worth investing in a Smoker-type smoker - 150 degrees will allow you to prepare long-roasted beef, glazed ribs, and even steaks and burgers. Also, make sure that the device has a cold smoking mode, which further expands its capabilities.

Regarding other parameters of the electric smoker, it is undoubtedly worth paying attention to the capacity of the smoking chamber. It all depends on your preferences and needs - you can choose models with a capacity of 70 or 150 liters, translating to 10 or 20 kg of meat spread across several levels.

Electric smokers also come with additional equipment and systems aimed at improving the overall user experience. This primarily includes timers and control panels - with a clock, you can not only precisely control the temperature but also set the operating time for various modes, such as heating, smoke generation, and drying.

Check out Borniak's offer! 

More information about the individual features of electric smokers available in our offer can be found in the product descriptions. We also encourage you to contact our advisors - we will gladly provide you with further guidance on what else to consider before making a purchase.

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